Victorian Farm

Aug 4, 2010

I LOVED Victorian Farm!!! I watch a LOT of documentaries and I especially have a soft spot for the ones produced by PBS and BBC like 1940’s House or Colonial House. The latest in this line is Victorian Farm. This one is different than the others though. There are only three people running the farm and they are more or less professional historians of one form or another. So you get all the good stuff that the other shows have without the whining and crying about not having lipstick and mascara.  These are people who really understand the awesome opportunity they have been given to basically travel back in time. It makes you appreciate the more simple aspects of life and maybe even take your own daily habits down a notch. This is a concept that I have really embraced since moving her to this old house in small town Midwest. I get such a thrill out of sweeping my wood floors, sitting by my wavy glass windows reading a book or just standing on my porch when the wind blows. There are things in life that are so great, yet so simple.

Victorian Farm

There are 5 episodes of this show that take you through them arriving on the estate and renovating the farm (abandoned for 50 years) through an entire year of farm life and all the way back to harvest. I originally just sort of had it on for educational background noise as I did my spring cleaning, but I was learning so much I decided to actually sit down and watch it. I really did learn so much from this show, not only about farming either. There were historic recipes, crafts, gardening, how to make your own cleaning supplies, lip balm and shoe waterproofing polish. It really is a great show! I wish it had lasted longer, but I suppose you couldn’t expect them to be away from their homes for over a year. I’m really impressed with this and I hope similar shows will follow. Also, Peter is rather cute and just seems to get cuter as the show progresses. I linked you to the Wikipedia page because the BBC page was sucky.

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