The Bookshop Bag

Feb 17, 2011

Last weekend I was feeling like I really wanted to make something, but I wasn’t sure what. I didn’t want it to be something that was going to take a long time or that would be terribly complicated. I decided to make a bag, but instead of using someone else’s pattern, I just started cutting (how I usually end up with my best pieces) on some wool scraps that I had. A few months ago at an estate auction, I bought an entire closet of handmade men’s suits for $2.50. lol. The 50+ suits were custom made for this man’s somewhat odd shape so, they were not good for reselling even though they were high-quality vintage pieces, but they were perfect for salvaging the material from. Almost all of them were high-end woolens. I tore the suits apart and folded up my scraps so that when inspiration hit, I’d be ready, which happened to be last Friday! I just used some simple polka-dot fabric that I had leftover from an old project for the liner, two spare buttons off of a jacket I bought 2+ years ago and some cord trim that was given to me by a friend, also several years ago. I think I have a total of about 60 cents invested in the whole purse!

Completed bag
Here are some photos of the process.

I was so pleased with myself over how well it came out (to spite the slapdash method by which it came to be) that I decided to share it with you gals here on the blog! I had made outlines of the pattern pieces before assembling them so that I could make another one if it turned out alright. After the bag was complete, I decided to scan those pieces into the computer, add some instruction text and measurements and make them into PDF files. I’m new to PDF files, this is honestly the first time I’ve ever made one. Mine aren’t as pretty as I usually see them, but they get the job done! The end result is that you can download the zip file with the Bookshop Bag pattern PDF files HERE!

The finished product, inside & out

I called it the Bookshop Bag because it will be perfect for me to take with me on my used bookstore adventures. It is plenty big enough to hold a notebook, my camera… all the essentials and maybe a few new purchases, without being bulky or too heavy. Usually I don’t carry a purse, I’d describe it more as a messenger bag.  A red tartan and honey colored leather nine west bag that’s just one big pocket. This is awkward sometimes and can get heavy and cumbersome, Hopefully this will be better suited for the task!

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