One Night Ultimate Vampire Shenanigans

Dec 7, 2015

One of our all-time favorite tabletop games is One Night Ultimate Werewolf. It’s not terribly involved, you can play it multiple times in the span of when you would only be able to play most other games once. It’s always fun to watch everyone try to argue their way out of being chosen as the werewolf. We don’t own the game personally and usually play it at the comic store’s Tabletop Night with other people if someone brought their copy. The sequel, One Night Ultimate Werewolf Daybreak is fun too, it’s basically the same game, just the add-on of new roles. When I read that the company that produces the One Night games, Bezier, was about to launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new addition to the set, I was very excited. The new game is called One Night Ultimate Vampire. The mechanism of the game is similar to the other two but includes new and different roles as well as a few slight changes to the gameplay.

One Night Collector's Set from Bezier Games on Kickstarter

I waited with bated breath for about 3 weeks to make sure that I would be one of the first people to reserve a copy and once the Kickstarter began, I was able to log in and placed my order for the “All One Night” level. This included the collector’s editions of all three games, a bonus pack of role cards and tokens, any stretch goals, a play mat, 50 custom card sleeves and early delivery. I wanted to make sure that I backed the KS early because I have seen on other campaigns where they “sell out” of a certain reward and then you are screwed pretty much. I backed very early that morning. lol. By the time it was over a month later, they had raised almost $400,000, blowing their goal of $5,000 out of the water and reaching almost all of the posted stretch goals. I was very excited as they projected delivery was going to be October and it supposedly wouldn’t be for sale to the general public until February. It would be so cool to get it ahead of time!

One Night Collector's Set from Bezier Games on Kickstarter

Some of the things, aside from the early delivery, that made it worth backing for was the matching boxes. These boxes are numbered and say “One Night Collection” on them instead of just having mismatched sides. I’m somewhat OCD and this pleased me very much. I wasn’t interested in the play mat at all, but it came in this level. We have game mats for our table so I really don’t need the additional mat, even if it does have a great graphic on it. Some things I really did want were the stretch goals (new role cards), the extra bonus pack and the custom card sleeves. I like to keep my games nice and these cards are not only a smaller size than the standard, but they are very thick too, so finding just the right sleeves would have been a nightmare. After the extra cards were added in, there were exactly 50 cards in the level that I backed for so I had the perfect amount of sleeves.

Custom One Night card sleeves

Once people started posting in October that they were getting their games I started checking the mailbox every day. They had separated people into 5 groups: people from the US who filled out their info and paid right away, international backers who paid and responded immediately, people who had special requests (extra items from the higher backing levels), problem people and slackers who took too long to pay or return their surveys with shipping info. I thought for sure I would be in the first group as I immediately paid when the email arrived with the directions on how to do so. a couple weeks later we moved, so I update my address the minute I had confirmation of the new one in my hand… literally sitting in the apartment complex parking lot I got on my phone and updated it. That was, at least, two weeks before the update saying they would be shipping soon was posted. I figured since it was updated in MORE than enough time I would still be in group one… I mean, I had already paid them a while ago, right?

One Night Collector's Set from Bezier Games on Kickstarter

October comes and goes, no games. Someone was posting that they just received their set in RURAL NEW ZEALAND. I’m in FL, where the hell is mine? I was polite and posted that I hadn’t received mine yet and was getting worried. Bezier ignores all posts to them. Other backers are saying they have emailed, posted to their social media accounts and no replies, nothing. By November, I went looking for a phone number, but they don’t HAVE a phone number posted on their site anymore. Also, I saw that they posted they would not be answering any questions about the shipping of Kickstarter orders. Finally, an update came saying that they had run out of parts, this makes no sense to me at the time because, they knew exactly how many they needed, people had already paid for them, they had a clear accounting of the number of games required to fill the orders of these kind people who forked out money in advance. Then another update a little while later saying they were going to ship more out the week of Thanksgiving. Shipping on a holiday weekend, a great way to buy yourself even more time because the post office will be closed. Then I’m on Instagram and the company pops up in my feed with photos of their booth at a board game convention and what’s on the table? A huge stack of the games that they didn’t have enough of to mail to people who have already paid for them… people who backed them to be able to have the games BEFORE any random schmo that wandered up and wanted to buy one!! At this point, I STILL don’t have my games, I still don’t have an explanation as to WHY, they are still ignoring everyone, people are posting that there are printing mistakes on the cards and instructions, they’ve said that they are now shipping to the general public and stores in January now and I really just am feeling (like many others were) that these people shit all over us.

Halloween came and went, Thanksgiving came and went, my birthday came and went… finally… FINALLY, the damn games show up! On the KS comments section, everyone was saying that the games were late because they had to replace the misprints, but that isn’t true, my game is still misprinted. The other backers are saying they were told that Bezier will NOT replace the bad cards. SO, there is that. There is also the matter of what happened with my shipping. I saw that they posted a half-hearted apology blaming the KS software for taking people who were at the front of the line (those who immediately replied) and putting them at the very end of the line if they updated their addresses. So I was punished for making sure my address was correct because they didn’t independently check their dates. I always pay for everything I buy online immediately and it sort of turns my stomach to know that all this time I was rudely being referred to as a “slacker” by these people.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

One Night Ultimate Werewolf Bonus Pack

One Night Ultimate Werewolf: Daybreak

One Night Ultimate Vampire with stretch goals

The games are lovely, though! The graphic design and artistry are beautiful! I love the colors and the style of the characters. I haven’t played them yet because we no longer hold our weekly game night. People got sick of the same games over and over again and just stopped coming. I blew my game budget on this for a couple months and didn’t have any “toy budget” left to buy more games. So sad part is that now I have the game after all this nonsense, and no one to play it with! I have to say that my experience with them has completely turned me off to ever backing anyone else on Kickstarter. I felt like they were a safe bet because they had run other campaigns smoothly and are an established company.

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