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Feb 20, 2015

Lately, we have been binge-watching a series called Magic City and I absolutely LOVE it! I love looking at it, it’s so beautiful. The sets are beautiful, the scenery is beautiful, the people are beautiful and the costuming is GORGEOUS! The series gives you exactly what you always imagined was going on behind the glowing neon facades of Miami Beach hotels in the 1950’s. You’ve got all the best kinds of characters thrown together in a big salad bowl called the Miramar Playa Hotel: old money, nouveau riche, mafioso, showgirl-turned-housewife, the good son, the rogue son, the reformed ruffian, the regretful gold-digger, the good-girl and the whore. All of these lives are skillfully intertwined to create a storyline that you actually care about. I was upset, to say the least when the show was cancelled. I liked being transported to the glamour of 1959 Miami, without ever having to leave my couch.

Cast of Magic City in the lobby of the Miramar Playa Hotel

While the show itself is great, I can’t decide on who the real star is, the sets or the wardrobe! The sets are lush and luxe and brimming over with mid-century goodness. Every scene seems to showcase the set’s unique MCM architecture, incredible wall treatments (the wall in Ike’s office, are you KIDDING ME!?) and only the most elegant of furnishings. They built the entrance, the pool bar (below) and the two-story lobby (also below) of the hotel JUST for this show, it did not exist before this. The rest of the hotel (aside from individual room sets) is CGI, unfortunately. It makes me sad inside to know that I can never go immerse myself in the real Miramar Playa.

Miramar Playa lobby from Magic City
Pool bar from Magic City
Shop area from Magic City

Rivaling the genius of the set designer can only be the costumer. Everyone knows I’m coo coo for costumes, but I am especially crazy for mid-century vintage glam. There are so many different representations of the period in this show, each central female character has her own distinct style. As explained in this Starz promo video, Vera is bright colors and youthful design, Lily is sultry flesh tones and neutrals, Judi is hard metallics that are a little risque for the time, Meg is subdued and reserved sophistication and Mercedes is light and fresh with more of the feel of what an average woman might wear during this era.

Vera - Magic City on Starz
Lily - Magic City on Starz

Judi - Magic City on Starz

I can’t choose a favorite piece, there are so many gorgeous vintage items on this show! If you love vintage, whether it be decor or fashion, this is the show for you. As I said above, I am so sad that they abruptly cancelled it. I hope that someday they see the err of their ways, but at this point, I think it’s been too long to get the whole cast back on board, unfortunately. *sigh* Even so, I tried to find photos of all of the best wardrobe pieces to add to the gallery below so that you can, at least, see them. All images in this post are copyrighted by either Starz or YourProps.

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