LH’s First Disney Trip

Feb 13, 2007

Our vacation to Orlando was great! Loving Husband had never been and I think that even though he seemed excited, he was a little skeptical. The first day we went to MGM. We only had about 2/3 of the day to spend there because we stopped for the night instead of driving straight through. Anyway, we checked into our hotel and headed out for the park. We got to see and do everything we wanted except for the stunt driving show. We could see a little of it from the Back Lot Tour ride. We had lunch at the commissary. LH liked Star Tours. I got a pair of skull earrings that are pretty cool. He liked the Indiana Jones Stunt Show (I saw it last time I was there). We did the Tower of Terror, which is GREAT, bought some fudge and headed out to see Fantasmic! The show is really something you must see if you go to MGM. I missed it last time due to time constraints, so this time I really wanted to see it. All the fireworks and fire and water jets! It is really something. The most amazing part to me is how they use 2-3 story tall fans of water as projection screens. Really cool.


After this we went to Downtown Disney and walked around, we looked at some of the shops. We both loved the Lego store. It was there last time I was in Orlando but, it had nowhere near the amount of Lego sculptures that were there this time. Some of them were huge and even moved… all made from Legos. We ate dinner at the “Earl of Sandwich”, a great little gourmet sandwich place. GREAT food! We really had fun, but were tired, so headed back to the hotel.


Day two was my personal favorite: Epcot Center!!!! I have been telling LH about this forever. It was as great as I remember it. We started out the day with the new ride; Mission Space. I almost threw up… lol. Then we did Test Track and completed as much of the rest of the main part of the park as we could before we set off to do the World Showcase. LH liked the boat ride at “The Land” that takes you on the behind the scenes tour of their hydroponic greenhouses there at Epcot. I loved it too. They do some amazing gardening there. They were growing Mickey Mouse shaped pumpkins and NINE POUND LEMONS… They were so big the branches of the trees were pulled to the ground. They have redone “The Living Seas” to be some Nemo themed kiddie ride; I was disappointed. The only good thing about it anymore was the glimpse of the manatees. We got some good photos. I loved that everything was still all decorated for the holidays.

We took the boat across to the Germany pavilion and we ate lunch at the “Biergarten”, it was good. I don’t care much for most of the things that go into German food, but it was a buffet and I found enough that I did like. Their potatoes and black forest cake were great. They had an oompah band and Loving Husband got a HUGE beer. I tried it, didn’t care for it much though. After that, we worked our way through the countries. I love this part of Epcot. Everything is so beautiful and well done, you would almost swear you were really in these places sometimes. It’s not plywood crap like you get at some other amusement parks. LH had a couple more beers here and there and we took lots of pictures. We watched the belly dancer and we finally ate dinner at “Marrakech”; the Moroccan restaurant. It was fabulous. So beautiful and the fruit drinks we had were great! I really recommend it.

After dinner we hurried around the lake and stopped in England to get some ciders. I don’t like beer, but I like these. Then we headed off to the front-center area of the lagoon to wait for the Illuminations fireworks display. This is the best part of the park to see it from! The only thing is, you have to wait until the fire marshall clears the area ten minutes before the show, so you have to wait for almost an hour. It is worth it though. The show has so much fire and so many explosions… the globe! If you haven’t seen it, I can’t describe it to you and do it justice. I have some small videos I will try to see if I can upload to my videos section later. After the fireworks it was back to the hotel for a shower and some sleep.


Day three was Animal Kingdom. This was fairly uneventful… Beautiful, but uneventful. We rode their new ride; Everest. We did all the animal tours, walked through the animal exhibits and I saw some birds I’d never even heard of before. The aviary show was good. We took lots of pictures of the Tree of Life; it is so beautiful. I love Animal Kingdom because of the Eastern feel sections of it have… Indian/Asian thing going on. Before leaving we hit the Festival of the Lion King show. You have to see this if you go. It is like a mini Cirque du Soliel with acrobats and dancing, wild costumes and women spinning on ropes hanging from the ceiling. Really well done. It was great. After that we left the park and headed back to Tallahassee to sleep for a day and pack up the car one more time before we headed off to Norfolk.

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