Knit Your Bit for WWII Veterans

Sep 18, 2007

The National WWII Museum is launching its own Knit Your Bit campaign. You can help the museum honor WWII veterans by Knitting Your Bit- in this case a simple, but cozy, scarf to be donated to a veteran in a Veterans Center somewhere in the United States. I don’t knit. I’m just learning to crochet actually, but this campaign makes me wish I could knit at all or crochet much better than I can. I think this initiative is an excellent idea and a great way for people to show support for our veterans.

 You Can Help

Here is a little background from the website:

“On the Home Front during World War II, knitting served as one more way Americans could support the war effort.” “To the great American question ‘What can I do to help the war effort?’ the commonest answer yet found is ‘Knit.’” Thousands of Americans picked up their needles to knit socks, mufflers, and sweaters to keep American soldiers warm and provide them with a home-made reminder of home.” “‘The Navy needs men, but it also needs knitters’ newspapers cried. Church basements, school lunchrooms, and members-only societies all had knitters busily clicking their needles. Their handiwork was destined to warm and protect, and fated to suffer with the soldiers.”

The site offers two scarf patterns, the “3 Stripe” and “The V for Victory”, available for free download. Since I first wrote this post they have now added ten more free patterns for download, as well as establishing a Facebook group for those donating scarves. They also supply you with an address to ship your completed scarves to. This generation of veterans is disappearing quickly, don’t miss your chance to say, “thank you”!!!

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