Kiss Onesie

May 22, 2009

I know I have been really bad at documenting the process that takes place with my re-fashions. I am making an effort to do better starting with this post. I found this Kiss t-shirt at a Goodwill in Jax. I think it was $2, woman’s size small. I wanted to make it into something for a child, but not necessarily a girl. I thought about a hoodie, but the cotton is thin and there wouldn’t be enough of it to make one anyway. I suppose I could have done the easy thing and just made a smaller t-shirt, but I have a bunch of baby patterns I wanted to try out, so I picked one… It ended up being New Look 6399.

Let the games begin!

Right off the bat, my intentions were to leave off the weird collars and appliques called for in the pattern. I was going to make one of the sleeved versions, but when I started looking at the pattern pieces, something looked off. I cut the pieces anyway, trusting the pattern, once I had them initially laid out for photographing it was obvious this wasn’t right. Even if I had allowed an inch for seams on all sides the 12m version would have ended up big enough to fit my 6-year-old nephew! The thing was HUGE! I lined it all up and started some creative cutting of my own and ended up with a slightly more shapely, and a much more correctly sized pile of pieces. I improvised the collar, leg cuffs, snap closure area and did away with the back buttons. The original had a button crotch, but I wanted snaps.


I started out by sewing the side seams together and then the shoulder seams. Second, I stitched the under sleeve seam and attached the sleeves (made from the original t-shirt sleeves, preserving the cuff). Next I reverse sewed (on three sides) a strip at the crotch and then folded it over and sewed along the top. I repeated this on the opposing crotch piece to reinforce the snaps. Next, I attached the legs, which were pieces I cut from the bottom hem of the t-shirt. Making a small fold at the beginning and the end (inward) and sewing it down into place. I repeated this on the other leg as well. The last thing I made with the machine was to sew the collar into place around the neckline; I just used the original neck from the t-shirt, which I shortened a little. The very last thing to be done was to sew on the snaps, which I did by hand; putting one on each leg edge and one in the center of the crotch. What I ended up with is about a 18m, even after drastic resizing of the pieces.

The finished product

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