King’s Palace Cafe

Jan 11, 2011

On our first visit down to Beale Street, we ate dinner at a place called King’s Palace Cafe. The place was almost empty when we went in to spite the great music and incredible smell emanating from it. The Memphis in May festival was going on outside and apparently during this time people like to eat and run or eat outside, so it was like we almost had the dining room to ourselves. The sound we had heard was coming from a tiny but beautiful little lady up on the stage named Michaelyn Oby. She was so good it was hard to believe the voice was not a CD playing. After listening for a moment, we were seated and our waitress came over. I wish I could remember her name, she was funny and did a great job. We ordered and used our very short wait for the food to admire the decor. They had it done up like something you would expect to see in New Orleans. There was some beat up, exposed brick, dark plum & red walls and gold molding, old tin press ceiling pieces used as trim work. The bright music theme paintings were hung in heavy gold frames. The look isn’t the only thing reminiscent of New Orleans in this cafe, the food has a definite hint of Creole as well. When our food came it looked awesome. We both were undecided between the prime rib and the voodoo chicken so, we each ordered one and then split them. The chicken was great, but there wasn’t much of it. The prime rib was almost too much and was phenomenal! We finished the meal with the best bread pudding I’ve ever had! The ice cream and Jim Beam based sauce made the Orleans Parish Bread Pudding that much better! Everything comes together to make King’s Palace something really special… The atmosphere, the music, their service and the food were all excellent!

King's Palace Cafe - Memphis

As a side note that I thought was pretty cool, I even got a random compliment! LH had noticed a woman from another table, staring at us for a while and all of a sudden she got up and came over to our table. Out of the blue, she just says “I LOVE your outfit!!!” I was totally surprised and wasn’t sure what to say except, “Thank You! I made it out of old shorts I got for $1!” LOL. She seemed surprised and we both nervously laughed for a minute. I thought it was pretty cool of her and compliments from strangers are always the best I think!

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