Jane Slayre

Aug 8, 2010

LH picked Jane Slayre (by Sherri Browning Erwin – 9781439191187 – Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing) up for me at a book shop in Memphis on our visit a couple months ago. He figured since I enjoyed Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, that I might enjoy the unnatural twisting of another of my most beloved novels! I do have to admit that it took me forever to read, Not because of any fault with the book, but my life has had a lot of little spurts of business the past few months and I just now was able to settle down and focus on reading. This book is not as closely written to the original as P&P&Z, but it still follows the story and hits all of the high points. I felt like Jane’s life with the Reeds (who are vampyres!) and Jane’s life with St. John (a vampyre slayer) are more stretched out in this version. There is excitement everywhere between the zombie girls of Lowood, Mr. Bokorhurst the witch doctor, The Vampyre Reeds, Lord Ingram the Vampyre, Bertha the Werewolf and yes, even Mr. Rochester ends up as a ghastly beast! If you’ve been doing a lot of serious or heavy reading, Jane Slayre is a short humorous break to cleanse the palette.

Jane Slayre

The book contains a reading group guide in the back which is available for download on the website, too. The site also features 3 videos, a crossword puzzle, 2 desktop backgrounds, newsletter sign up, three full sample chapters, character info and a survey.

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