Irish Stout & Whiskey Cupcakes

Mar 17, 2011

Once I told Loving Husband about the “Irish Car Bomb” cupcakes that I saw online, I KNEW that it would not be long before he was whipping up a batch for us. When I saw them, they were on someone’s Flickr album and had no information as to which website they were from or where the recipe could be found. LH started searching the internet and found a recipe for them that he was happy with on Smitten Kitchen. They always have such great recipes and food ideas, so I knew this wouldn’t be any different. “Irish Car Bombs” are drinks consisting of a pint of Guinness into which you drop a shot glass half full of Jameson’s whiskey and half full of Bailey’s Irish cream. Then you chug the drink before the Irish cream curdles. I’ve seen around the web where some people are very offended by the name of the drink (and, therefore, the cupcakes) so we are calling ours “Stout & Whiskey”. We chose to use St. Brendan’s instead of Bailey’s because I personally find it to be a bit smoother. We also opted NOT to cover the tops with colored sugar. We don’t have a tiny circular cookie cutter, but used a small melon baller instead, which ended up working great!

Soooooo delicious!
These cupcakes were SO delicious!!! I could have probably eaten the entire batch by myself. These are best when devoured the same day, but when they are slightly heated, they can still be good days later. LH is planning on making some more today and I can’t wait! Do be warned though: while the Guinness is cooked out of the cupcakes, the Irish cream and the whiskey are NOT heated and therefore are still alcoholic. The amounts used are very tiny and most likely will not have any effect on adults, but it’s up to you whether or not you wish to feed them to your kids.

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