1943 Health-For-Victory Canning Guide

Jul 10, 2012

Several months ago I acquired the Health-For-Victory Canning Guide (May 1943) at an estate sale. I love WWII paper goods like this and I like to can, too. My readers seemed to really like the Have A Victory Garden book, so I decided to scan and post this one also. There are recipes, canning methods and sample menus included. When using vintage food handling methods, remember to always double check them for safety. We know now that some ways of doing things in the past were not healthy nor safe and you don’t want to inadvertently harm yourself by following directions that might not be good for you.

Free download links below!
After some scanner problems and then misplacing the booklet itself for a couple months, I am now ready to post it. I have combined it into 3 PDF files that are split as such:

1. Methods & Menus (download)
2. Recipes for beverages, bread, cakes, cheese, chicken, desserts, eggs, fish, fresh & dried fruits, and pasta (download)
Recipes for meats, pastry, salads, sandwiches, sauces, soups, and vegetables (download)

The book was produced by Westinghouse Electric and The Home Economics Institute in May 1943 and is called the Health-For-Victory Club Meal Planning Guide.

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