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Apr 25, 2011

I wish that I had half of the talent of Coralie Bickford-Smith! I also wish that I had half of the gorgeous vintage inspired books she has designed!! Maybe you don’t recognize her name, but if you have read just about any style, design or book blog in the past couple of years, I am sure you’ve seen her work! Bickford-Smith is the senior cover designer at Penguin publishers. I love my OLD books, everyone knows that, but I would ADORE having a full set of these lovelies! The designs are so reminiscent of the look of books from the 1800’s. Let me show you some examples of her awesome work here in the new Penguin Classics Clothbound Editions. You might have seen these at Anthropologie. Most places that carry them are always sold out, though, so maybe not. When we were in Memphis, they had a copy of Cranford and a copy of Sense & Sensibility in stock and that was all! Wouldn’t these be a wonderful gift for a young girl who loves to read? I would have flipped for these when I was in my tweens! Not only are they a beautiful addition to any room, but they are good books too!

Penguin Classics Clothbound hardbacks

Penguin Classics Clothbound hardbacks

Another set of books that she designed and that I am in LOVE with is the six piece F. Scott Fitzgerald series with the metallic Art Deco dust jackets. The hardbacks under these jackets are just black or white, all the flash is on the covers. I have several Fitzgerald (to whom I am distantly related to by the way, hehe) works printed in the 1960’s that I would gladly trade in for these! How beautiful! I usually take the dust jackets off of my books and keep them in a separate box, but I think that I would leave these on the books!

F. Scott Fitzgerald set

The final pieces of her incredible work that I wanted to share with you are the NEW, NEW, NEW Great Food series paperbacks. These books just hit the shelves at the beginning of the month and I am hoping to get my hands on some soon! The books are reprints of old food related volumes and the cover images were taken from actual cookware or dishes of the period in which each book was originally written. How cool is that!? There are 20 books in this pretty set, but I’ve only picked my favorites to feature in the image below.

Great Food series

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