Cloak & Blaster

Jul 25, 2015

Before we even moved to Orlando, we had planned to visit Cloak & Blaster, so once we were settled we made a point of getting over there. One thing that Orlando has that we have not seen in any of the other cities that we have lived in is nerd pubs. The closest was probably Captain Mike’s in Kenosha, WI with it’s burgers named after Trailer Park Boys episodes. In a similar vein, Cloak & Blaster’s menu is full of references to fantasy books & movies such as Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones and Harry Potter. They also give a nod to gaming, something that plays a big part in their pub. to the left of the main dining room is a shelf full of board games that you can “rent” and play while you wait for your food to arrive, or you can go upstairs to the video game lounge and pay-to-play multiplayer titles with your friends. They have nights dedicated to trivia and special events like their Harry Potter birthday celebration. We first visited by ourselves to check the place out. The food was great! Lucious burgers, chicken “eggs” exploding with spicy flavor and the beverages… OH the beverages! I had my first butterbeer here!

The one Ring burger at Cloak & Blaster
The Dragon Eggs at Cloak & Blaster
Flying Cauldron "Butterbeer" at Cloak & Blaster

When we brought our friends with us they focused more on the games and the atmosphere than they did the food I think, but that is okay, that is their “thing”. The main area and the bar are made to resemble an old inn. It honestly reminds me of a building that you’d see at one of the bigger Renaissance faires. Beams and plaster with banners and swords scattered around the walls. The gaming lounge upstairs is completely different. The walls are lined with flat screen TVs and then ringed with modern style Ikea couches. All and all, in my opinion, the star of the Cloak & Blaster show has to be to food. I’d like to go back for one of their trivia nights when other patrons are hopefully a little more friendly, but if it was closer to our neighborhood I would probably eat there regularly.

Cloak & Blaster Orlando
Entrance doors of Cloak & Blaster
Beverage coolers at Cloak & Blaster

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