Bristol Renaissance Faire

Jul 29, 2009

Yesterday we went to the Bristol Ren Faire in WI. It’s right over the border, so not a long drive at all, it’s about like going to the mall. We were a little late getting there so missed all the beginning processional, but as luck would have it, we ended up in line next to three ladies who had an extra buy-one-get-one free entrance coupon. I guess being late worked out this time!

Bristol Ren Faire

The queen and her court

When we got in, the first place we went was to try to find the Highland Games, seeing as how it was Highland Games Weekend. The Faire is large and the map was rather confusing, causing us to miss the first round of the games, but we found The Sturdy Beggars’ Mud Show. I have been to faires that had a Mud Show before, but I have never actually seen it for myself. It was very funny! We didn’t get any dirt on us, but we both loved it! I recommend it.

Sturdy beggar

After that, we headed off in search of another set of the games. They were being held over at the jousting field, but surprisingly they were a bit boring! None of the stuff I am used to like caber tossing. They just the shot-put style competitions. We headed out to look around instead of wasting time watching the competitions. We bought some lavender for cooking from the herb shop, got LH some beer, and stopped in the Casta Diva corset shop to talk to them and look around. She is the one who created my good custom made corset; she even hand dyed my personal fabric I sent her. We ended up going by a few shops selling kilts. LH has decided he wants a kilt made out of his family tartan.

The Owl Man

After some shopping we ate lunch. While we were ordering Loving Husband stopped the flower lady and bought me an orange gladiola… My FAVORITES! He is so sweet! He had the ribs and I had the chicken on a stick. If you didn’t know, pretty much EVERYTHING at the faire comes on a stick! LOL.. Corn on the cob, chocolate bananas, steak, chicken, fruit… pork chops… Everything! We sat with another couple at this little table off to the side of one of the stands. It was in the shade and was in a brick surround covered with ivy, very picturesque!


After lunch we got LH some more beer and I got a mead, the mead was SO good! I have always heard about the mead from other rennies and none of the faires I have ever been to have had it! It is so light and sweet.. oh Goodness! I love it! After finishing my drink, we went back to the jousting field for the Queen’s Joust! I was a little disappointed in it honestly. Even though the costumes were better looking than the North Florida Ren Faire’s, it looked much more fake. The NFRF jousting was very realistic, as where this was painfully contrived in parts. None the less, it was enjoyable. We stopped into the little bakery and he got carrot cake and I had a “devil dog” (chocolate cake and cream stacked); it was very good!! I had a hard time deciding because they had some awesome looking apple pie! We also stopped to watch the glass blowing demonstration which was really cool.

The Joust

Girl Glass Studio

Next was the Tartanic show. We had seen a little of it while walking past and wanted to catch the whole thing from the beginning! We got to the Tartanic show before it was time for it to start so we piddled around in the area. LH wanted to go over to the petting zoo because he loves animals. They had the ever popular chicken with pants! Finally the show started… these guys are great. Very funny, animated & talented! They do “techno-rave/bagpipes”. I have always been a fan of both, so I loved it. LH loved it, too, he even bought one of their CD’s from the lady with the baby! It was SO adorable! He had them write “Tartanic Rox” on his “ab” and we took a pic of it and sent it to them. LOL. They were really, really entertaining and I hope we get to see them again.



We wandered around after the show and got some more beer/mead. We just took some time to walk and take pictures and go into the little shops. We walked by where they had the elephant rides and the pirates cove. A lot of people were dressed as pirates because it was the sea merchants costume weekend. But, there are always a lot of pirates, even before the first PotC came out you saw them everywhere. There is so much neat stuff there, we could have spent $1,000.00 easily! Everything smells so good! We could have eaten ourselves sick and almost did! Some of the costumes are so detailed and amazing! Most of these people do not work for the faire, but they just come in full garb anyway, it is so awesome.



Finally we ended up at the Pig ‘n’ Whistle Tavern for Christophe the Insultor‘s show. This was marked NC-17 on the show list, so of course we had to go check it out! This was possibly the funniest show I have ever seen! People in the audience PAY this guy to insult their friends; the more you pay the worse it gets. I have heard some insults in my day, but THIS was on a whole other level! He said things that Made **ME** gasp and you know how hard that is to do. It was absolutely hilarious! I almost told LH to buy his “Cock Block” CD. He had two CDs and said that on one he was drunk and the other he was on coke… I can’t even begin to describe what this was like other than to say “OH SNAP!” LOL.

Christophe the Insultor

After the show we started to move to the front gates and got ready to go home. We bought some food for dinner instead of making something when we got home. LH had the portabello banger and I had a portabella sandwich with fresh bruschetta. We both had fresh made root beer, It was pretty good. We had SOOOOOO much fun. For being LH’s first ren faire, it sure was a good one. We hope to get to go back one more weekend before it’s over!

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