Blood, Sweat & T-Shirts

Nov 1, 2010

I managed to catch Blood, Sweat & T-Shirts on the DVR a couple of weeks ago and I found it really interesting and eye opening. The premise of this reality documentary is 6 bratty shopaholic fashionistas  are taken to the gutters of India and follow garments on their journey from raw cotton to pressed pieces ready for export. The series has 4 episodes, each centering on a different segment of the garment industry. It starts out in a clean but very strict factory where more expensive items for high-end stores are made. From there it moves to lower end clothing and the six Brits have to sleep on dirty floors and work long hours in the excessive heat. Trying to live on the equivalent of about $4 a day proves to be very difficult. Episode three starts to bring about a change of heart and mind for some of the participants. They perform HARD physical labor in the cotton fields and take their turns living in the slums of an Indian mill town. In the final segment, they go through the true hell of sweatshop life. They witness child labor, the filth, and desperation of people who have no other option in life other than to toil under the thumbs of abusive shop owners for a pittance, in hopes of earning enough so that their families back home can live better lives. All of our six fashionistas end up completely changing their minds and start raising funds for rescue homes and awareness of the human cost of buying cheap “Walmart” clothes. Even the Indian girl who says she doesn’t care if 5-year-olds are making the clothes as long as she can buy them cheap, turns to the side of good. If you are in or are interested in the fashion industry, want to be a designer or just want to be an informed global citizen, I recommend this show.

Blood, Sweat & T-shirts

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