About This Blog

I started making websites right after high school and have had a couple of other blogs before this one. They have all done okay, but I felt they were too specialized, or niche, to really allow me the freedom to post whatever I want. While this one includes posts that were moved here from my previous sites, it also has many posts that are just it’s own. Pretty much everything written after 2013 is exclusive to Shameless Nerd. I will cover a wide range of topics here on SN, everything from board games to food, from crafts to clothes, you name it. I have such an enthusiasm to share the awesome things that I see and cool stuff that I get to do, with others. One of the major things I will be posting about is Disney. I live approximately 5 minutes from WDW property and really enjoy being able to share all-things-Disney with my readers. I know that (like I myself did) people miss Disney when they have to go back home at the end of their vacations. I hope that maybe I can cure a little bit of my readers’ Disney Withdraws with my posts and projects. There is much to write about living in the Greater Orlando Metro Area though, and I won’t limit myself to just write about the mouse. I have so much planned, I seriously hope that you will stick around, subscribe to us, follow us or whatever it is you prefer to do, because there is so much more to come! I hope you enjoy my Shameless Nerd!


About Me

I’m Lotta, and I’m a 38 year old textile artist living in Lake Buena Vista, FL. I was born in Santa Monica, California. My family moved from Marina Del Rey, California to my father’s hometown of Lakewood, New York before I turned one. I was raised in Lakewood and the surrounding area of Chautauqua. (If you have Netflix, check out this documentary about the place where I grew up called Chautauqua: An American Narrative.) I feel like one reason that I’m so old-fashioned is that I was adopted and my parents were a good ten to twenty years older than all of my friends’ parents. The “when I was your age” stories I heard were something completely different than what everyone else was hearing at home and it definitely affected my outlook on life. My father’s family was the first family in their town to have a television, while the parents of my best friends I’m sure never knew a time without one. I learned a lot of by-gone skills and a lot about history and culture that other’s weren’t exposed to. This helped to really spark my lifelong interest in history that still invades every aspect of my life to this day!

Little me

Growing up in our home was interesting and even though I was raised by a single dad (my mother passed when I was 5 years old), I would never trade it for the world. My father fostered the need for books and PBS as well as an awareness of family history and a love of travel. He owned a catering company and a restaurant when I was a child; this ensured that there was NEVER a dull moment in our house. It was a wonderful childhood and I have had so many great experiences in my life. When I was in the 8th grade my father decided that the winter weather was no longer for him and we relocated to Tallahassee, Florida where I completed high school and lived off-and-on until I moved to Norfolk, Virginia in 2004. Loving Husband & I met in Norfolk and were married a year later (2006) in St. Augustine, Florida in the courtyard of the Lightner Museum. Since then we’ve lived in Chicago, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Bedford (Indiana), Pensacola, and Kenosha (Wisconsin). In addition to all of our moves, we’ve traveled the length of the U.S. multiple times and LH has been all over the globe. I envy his solo (aka Navy) travels, but at least he brings me home some pretty things!


I’ve always been what could be described as a “nerd”. I LOVE my books, at times in my life they’ve been my best friends! I love board games. I love documentaries, movies/TV shows based on books, anything to do with history, thrift stores, estates sales and crafting all sorts of things. Even though I’m a “Jill-of-all-trades”, my real love is sewing. I started out with a needle and thread in early middle school and continued to learn and expand my creativity throughout my life, bringing me to the point I am at now. While I do make some simple clothes or home decor items, my main focus is on more artistic ventures. I specialize in a mixed media version of stumpwork. I include traditional methods of embroidery, beading, 3D fabric manipulation and the use of texture when creating my pieces. I occasionally sell my work on Etsy or Ebay, but mostly what I list for sale online falls into the categories of vintage clothing and craft supplies.


I’ve had a few jobs in my time, none of which I would call a career and none that I’ve enjoyed as much as I do being a seamstress & vintage dealer on Etsy and of course, being a blogger. Digging through piles at estate sales suits me much better than sitting in an office all day writing obits for the newspaper or assisting lobbyists for the state legislature like I used to do. After High School I volunteered to work at the Knott House Museum in Tallahassee, Florida. That was probably the most fun job I had had until now, mostly all I did was sort vintage linens and polish silver all day, which is right up my alley. I love to do volunteer work and have always been eager to help out any worthy cause. I can’t always give money, but I try to give as much time as I can. LH and I don’t have any children of our own yet. We’ve encountered some medical difficulties and have accepted the fact that it is just not in the cards for us. Instead, we involve ourselves in charity work and try to devote the energy that we would put into raising a child, into helping others instead.


About Loving Husband

Loving husband was a sailor in the U.S. Navy, but prior to that he attended culinary school and specialized in baking. His knowledge and expertise comes in VERY handy when I’m trying out recipes for the blog. You will see him mentioned from time to time, especially now that he is on shore duty instead of being deployed all of the time. The photo of him below was featured on the Navy’s official website a few years ago. He baked this six foot long scale replica of the amphibious assault ship U.S.S. Saipan for the ship’s anniversary. It’s all edible, not mostly Styrofoam like the cakes in those extreme cake shows you see on TV. I’m very proud of him. Being a Navy family hasn’t ALL been a piece of cake though. We have been moved about once a year (for various reasons) and Loving Husband has somehow managed to draw the short straw no matter where he’s been stationed and has ended up averaging a seven month (or more) deployment every year since we were married. I know other Navy Wives whose husbands have never been deployed and have been in the Navy for 10+ years. Even when he hasn’t been on a deployment, it seems that they have sent him away for months at a time to go to various technical schools that are hundreds of miles from home.

Big Cake

He is finally out of the service now, so we have had the opportunity to settle in and spend time together. After the Navy he went to work for Indiana University as a chef and he is now employed as a chef at Walt Disney World, which is what brought us to Florida. Several of the projects on this blog are things that we had been waiting years to do and just never had the time. We are loving living so close to the parks and being able to go pretty much whenever we feel like it.

About Everyone Else

Even though we have no children, we do have furbabies, which are like our children to us. Our oldest baby is Brooni (Brunhilde Myrtle) who is nine years old, she is an Australian Terrier.  She doesn’t have a lot of hair, so she has a vast collection of sweaters. SHe’s very indifferent to pretty much everything. Next is Wentz (Wentworth Clennam) he is our 5 year old Briard Mix. He is very happy & very hyper and just loves everyone and everything. Then comes Shop Cat (The Bastard Jon Snow). We adopted Shop Cat after hosting a fundraiser for the local Humane Society at our shop. They were overrun with cats and he was so sick that he almost died. We nursed him for many days and finally he is good as new and fat as can be. We know he is about 5 years old, but are not sure what sort of cat he is though. He is very funny and acts more like the dogs than he does a cat. Finally is the baby and the newest addition to the family Frey-No (Freyja Skaði), she is a 2 year old grey tuxedo cat. She is VERY vocal and full of love! Se is such a good catty and just wants to sit on people and be loved.


If you follow us on Periscope, you’ll eventually see our Tuesday Night Board Game Group. This consists of 5 or 6 single dudes who are also nerds. We met them at the local comic book store and now have them over to the house once a week to play games and RPGs. Out of courtesy to them I try not to show their faces, but from time to time they will make an appearance. They are just part of the cast in the play of our lives.