$28 Antique Iron Bed Revamp

Feb 19, 2011

Last summer we went to an estate auction that was way out in the boonies on a farm. I was interested in a leaded glass window that was in a pile of old rusty, nasty beds and chicken things leaning up against an old rotting coop. Long story short, I won the window and as we were standing there the iron bed (there was a big brass bed too) went up on the block. We only have visitors that requires a bed twice a year when my father comes to visit and we had just bought one for ourselves, so I was very surprised when Loving Husband started bidding on and won the antique iron bed you see below. It included a baseboard, a headboard and two side rails. Since it’s an old bed (over 100 years old), it’s not meant for your typical modern box spring and mattress set; it’s also a strange size, not a full and not a double. There was a thick layer of black paint, some olive green paint and the bottom layer was a very rich gold color backed with yellow. It’s really too bad that there was some rust on it because I liked the gold a lot, it had a luminous quality to it like a pearl paint almost (see foot also below).

Foot closeup

LH spent many hours outside with sandpaper in one hand and a drill with the wire bristle attachment in the other. He finally got the whole bed down to the gold layer and sprayed the dust off of it. The fun stuff began when we started painting it. He picked black hammered texture spray paint and since it was his project, I went along with it. It took us two sessions to get it all sprayed and dried. Once it was finished it looked really good! Our bed is black iron and they ended up looking very similar. We had to build a very basic box structure with internal supports to serve as a platform on which to put the mattress. At the moment, we are using it with an inflatable mattress because we are still holding out the hope of eventually finding one similar to the size of the bed. My father used it over the Christmas holidays and he loved it. I’m really pleased with the way it turned out and LH is very proud of his $28 antique bed! Below are some photos of what the finished project looks like!


Finished foor

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